TLV Treasures

Bible Curriculum

Bible Curriculum for All Ages!

  • Brought to you by the same team who produced Golden Apples ​
  • Threads together the Torah, the Gospels/Acts, and a "Word to Live By" from the rest of the Bible. ​
  • Together, each lesson connects the Torah with the words of Yeshua (Jesus) and teaches children of all ages how to live the Bible in their daily lives. ​
  • It is multi-model - meaning that it engages different modes of absorbing information for different kinds of learners ​
  • It promotes Jewish Culture and understanding of the scriptures

Bible Lessons

52 Bulletins (age 12+)

Driven by the Jewish Torah readings, each weekly lesson takes the reader on a real-time journey through Torah, the first five books of Moses, and other relevant scriptures throughout the Bible. Designed with the teacher of children or small groups in mind, the lessons encourage an environment of discovery for both leader and student. ​

Used with the TLV Treasures children’s materials, and the Tree of Life Version of the Holy Scriptures, each weekly Bible Lesson will help the seasoned or novice Shabbat or Sunday School instructor or parent in taking children on an exciting journey of faith.

Children's Devotionals

52 Bulletins (age 7-12)
The TLV Treasures Children’s Devotions encourages the child to open the TLV Holy Scriptures for themselves and consider age-appropriate questions. Each lesson includes an overview of the Torah reading and related passages through Scripture, a Crossword Puzzle with both story content questions and verse location questions, a Mystery Word, and TLV Holy Scriptures Memory Verse.

The same verses highlighted in the adult/teacher lesson are referenced in the children’s bulletin creating a sense of community with all members of the congregation.

Activity Pages

52 Bulletins (age 3-7)
Each weekly Bible Lesson and Children's Devotion have a TLV Treasures Activity Page. These activity pages use the same stories and language from the weekly Torah readings. Each page has two coloring pictures, and a Word Find. Other activities such as dot-to-dot, mazes or finish-the-pictures will round out these fun, learning tools.


Kids love coloring in the activity pages!
TLV Treasures Bible lessons are perfect for Bible Studies!
Rabbis Love the TLV Treasures too!