TLV Biblical Art Collection

Commissioned by the TLV Bible Society
Restoring the

Jewish Context of Biblical Art

The goal of the Tree of Life Version, at its core, is to return the Hebraic lens and culture to the Bible. Having completed this task with the actual Biblical text, the TLV Bible Society embarked on creating an art collection that did the same.

The TLV Biblical Art Collection is a one-of-a-kind gallery of original Bible illustrations by Michael Washer. Much like our principles of translation worked to restore Jewishness to the Scriptures, these pieces present Israel's family diary using Jewish context, imagery and culture. Additionally, the artist has worked tirelessly to make each portrayal as historically accurate as possible. From real hieroglyphics and linguistic reproductions to fabric patterns and landscapes – Michael Washer has poured himself out in pursuing his God-given passion for Biblical Illustrations.

The TLV Bible Society commissioned these one hundred and one illustrations so that future generations of Jewish and non-Jewish children can conceptualize the roots of their faith. This collection graces the pages of our Messianic Jewish Family Bible, the TLV Family Bible – Legacy Edition, and our TLV Biblical Art Collection coffee-table book. Additionally, it can be found in a select few partner ministry Bibles, such as Jewish Voice Ministries and Christ for the Nations.

By taking this beautiful display to schools, universities, and congregations, we reframe the Jesus story through Jewish eyes. As a fundraising event, evangelistic outreach, or just to bless your community, our pop-up gallery will surprise and delight anyone who sees it. Contact us and schedule an art show in your city today!

man looking at Tree of Life Biblical Art Collection
Kids pointing at TLV Artwork
Tree of Life Bible Fine Art at a TLV Art Show
woman looking at the Tree of Life Bible Fine Art at an art show in Birmingham, AL
Daniah Greenberg talking about the TLV Biblical Artwork by Artist Michael Washer

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