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Local Community Outreach

Follow God.   Love One Another.   Live the Bible.

Services held on Saturdays at 11am

The Tree of Life Bible Fellowship is here to be part of the essential human element to God's Word!

We gather to worship God corporately and hear His Word spoken aloud. In our desire for everyone to engage with the Word of God, we provide time for round table discussions relating to the message each week.

Formerly known as "Shalom Rome"

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Our Leaders:

Rabbi Mark & Daniah Greenberg

Messianic Rabbi Mark Greenberg is resolute in his conviction that the Good News of Messiah Yeshua holds the resurrection power to transforms lives today. That conviction in Yeshua’s resurrection power comes from his own faith journey.

Growing up amidst severe financial distress and other challenges in his family, Mark credits God with teaching him how to build and cultivate a healthy loving family of his own. Together with his wife, Daniah, Mark is committed to passionate service to the Lord, beginning with his family. He delights to see his three beautiful children grow in their faith and reverence of Yeshua. His family loves to worship and serve God together.

Rabbi Mark and Daniah Greenberg TLV Bible Society