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Studies have shown that the best way to grow in the Lord is living the Bible, not just reading it. We want to help people do just that!

At its core, the app hosts the Tree of Life Version of the Holy Scriptures while encompassed by multimedia content that will enable each user to live the Bible for themselves.

Our hope in building this app is to give people all the tools they might need to follow the commands of ADONAI and grow their families in alignment with His Word.

I have been using the TLV as my primary version since I heard about it on Jewish Voice with Rabbi Bernis. When I received the invitation to be a beta tester I jumped at the opportunity. Now that the project is out to the public I am truly amazed. I love the context and the way things flow. My version did not give me some of the final features, but that made the surprise all the more exciting. Thank you TLV Bible Society and Rabbi and Mrs. Greenberg for your heart to help both Jewish and gentiles to learn embrace and connect with HaShem’s word in a way lost for so many millions. Baruch HaShem, Praise God!

TLV Bible App has been a wonderful tool in my life. It’s easy access to the Shabbat liturgical songs and prayers. It’s easy to follow the weekly Parashat. Thank you for sharing and Blessing families all around the world.


Great app! Love the vocals and set up. Easy to use. It has everything needed to worship G-d.

BHS Hebrew Dept

Love this app!! Jam packed with information. Clear, concise and easy to navigate. It has everything you can think of. If you're interested in having an app that can deepen study time then this is one for you.

Michele Haraldsson

Fantastic bible translation and app. Shows the Jewishness of Jesus the Christ (Yeshua Messiah). Well done and thank you. Goes well with my beautiful paper copy of the TLV.

Brett Scotland

Features & Content

Parsha Passages

Enjoy the Weekly Bible reading from the Torah, Prophets, and New covenant!

Biblical Calendar

Always be aware of the Biblical feasts (Moadim), what Parsha goes with what week and so much more!

Blessings & Liturgies

Reference all the Shabbat and Holiday blessings complete with audio to listen along!

TLV Bible App Homescreen


Enjoy reading a devotional connecting the the TANAKH (old Testament) and the New covenant!


Listen and read about hidden gems found in the Bible brought to the surface using the TLV!

Ancient Scrolls & Hebrew Glossary

Discover the beautiful meaning of the Hebrew words in the TLV and view actual Torah Scrolls!

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TLV Bible Society TLV Journey Bible App

For the past year, the TLV Bible Society team have been hard at work developing a mobile app to help users live according to the Bible. Studies have shown that the best way to grow in the Lord is living the Bible – not just reading it. This app has been a labor of love to the entire community of TLV Bible Lovers and God Followers.

If this App has blessed you personally or someone you know, consider helping to support this amazing tool for believers everywhere!


"I downloded the TLV on YouVersion and loved it so much that I had to buy a paper copy and now this!"


"I can already tell this is going to be a good app..."


"Love this app. I use it daily!"


"So far, I like what I’ve seen of the app! Feels intuitive and laid out well so that it is easy to find what I’m looking for I also like the graphics so far my favorite features are the ease with which a person can pull up the books of scrolls..."


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