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Why a Bible App?

Please help us resurrect our TLV Bible app. The TLV app is critical NOW because cell phones are a USB portal right into the brains of our youth and we can’t afford to lose ground among Jewish seekers and Christians longing for the truth in Jewish Messiah. The new TLV Bible App will be designed for building a Shabbat Life around the Bible and directly target tech-savvy parents and passionate grandparents who want to connect with their children’s children about the God of Israel and traveling the yearly Jewish lifecycles of the TLV Bible, including weekly audio readings of the Torah!

We need $15,000 immediately to move to the next phase of this app development by the end of this year. And, we need $50,000 to complete the entire TLV Bible app by September 2018.


"Good morning!!! Using my TLV Bible app and the BlueLetterBible app this morning. So thankful for technology & Hello Mornings!!"