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Why an Audio Bible?

This will allow people to listen to the Bible while they are driving in their car, or even while they sleep. It will allow patients in the hospital or in nursing homes to have the Bible read aloud in their rooms at a time when they need the encouragement of the word of God more than any other time in their life! Think of what it could mean to a recovering patient to have the word of God playing in their room all day and night while they rest and recuperate. Nothing heals like sowing the Word of God audibly into it!


"I have been using the TLV version of the Bible on my Bible app since last Fall, and I am beginning to study Hebrew on my own. This version has been a great blessing to my life and personal time with the LORD and I am very thankful to Him to sow this seed to further this version in audio. I am a grafted-in daughter who loves Him and His chosen people. May ADONAI bless you all and continue to bless your efforts to spread the Name of Yeshua ha Mashiach to His chosen people and the world."

Monica Smith

"I just want to say I look very much forward to the audio Bible coming out and listening to it! Reading it has been such a HUGE blessing and it'll be such a blessing as well to be able to listen to it while in my car or while I'm about doing stuff.

Many blessings to you all involved in the TLV Bible Society! You all are an answer to prayer and part of something amazing beyond words.

Thank you for this opportunity to be a part of it."

Lara Schulz