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Enjoy full size off-set prints of artwork from the TLV Bible by Michael Washer!

Although only two options are in stock, we can make-to-order any piece found in your TLV Bible!
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Since the publication of the Tree of Life Version – New Covenant in 2012, Michael’s stunning artistic interpretations of Scripture have enthralled thousands of readers.

One of the goals of the Tree of Life Bible Society in commissioning these pieces was to make a Jewish perspective available to a new generation of Jewish believers in Yeshua, so that the Jewishness of their Messiah can be understood.

By presenting Israel’s Family Diary in visual form, with Jewish context, Jewish imagery, and Jewish culture, The Tree of Life Biblical Art Collection art prints are a wonderful resource for anyone looking to re-imagine the Bible stories of their childhood. Restoring the Jewish visuals to classic Biblical art has been a long-time burden of Michael Washer’s heart. In each picture, well-known stories are told in both an intellectual and emotional way, invoking interest from people of all ages and backgrounds.

With depth of shadow and detail, everyone will be drawn to something different in each picture, hopefully sparking discussion about the things of God. These illustrations seek to fulfill the same mandate as the Tree of Life Version – to gather families around the Word of God again, offering a distinctive Hebraic lens through which to view the Biblical text.

Throughout the years of seeing these pieces trickle out into the public eye, many have asked how they can get their hands on them. Now, for the first time, this entire collection of Biblical illustrations are available to order!

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