Mothers of Israel: Holy Scriptures [Limited Edition]

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For your donation of $250, you can receive this brand-new, beautiful Mothers of Israel: Holy Scriptures Bible is made of Genuine Calfskin Leather and contains a full Parsha Journal in the back!

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Get your Bible’s cover colored by Daniah Greenberg herself!

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This hand-held Bible is 9.5inx6.5inx1.5in and is 2.5lbs.

This TLV Bible includes:

  • “How to share Yeshua with a Child” through Pictures
  • Journaling for Parshas
  • Weekly Torah Readings
  • Storytelling Headings
  • Tabs for Each section of Scripture
  • 83 Messianic Jewish Illustrations
  • Messianic Prophecy Footnotes
  • Inspiring Book Introductions
  • Hebrew Word Glossary
  • Shabbat Family Prayers
  • Original Maps

We pray that this resource blesses you and your family!

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Joseph Greenberg

Joseph Greenberg