Mothers of Israel Bible Special!


For your donation of $225, you can receive this brand-new, beautiful Mothers of Israel: Holy Scriptures Bible is made of Genuine Calfskin Leather and contains a full Parsha Journal in the back! Also, enjoy this beautiful hand-crafted TLV bracelet to proclaim your own personal journey back to the Tree of Life.

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The Mothers of Israel Bible is designed to be an beautiful heirloom Bible for any woman who wants to leave a legacy of faith to their children and their children’s children. Paired with a unique bracelet designed and crafted by Daniah Greenberg, this bundle will not only support the TLV Bible Society but will proclaim your own personal journey back to the Tree of Life. Enjoy these beautiful, high-quality items are available for a donation of $150.00


This hand-held Bible is 9.5inx6.5inx1.5in and is 2.5lbs.

This TLV Bible includes:

  • “How to share Yeshua with a Child” through Pictures
  • Journaling for Parshas
  • Weekly Torah Readings
  • Storytelling Headings
  • Tabs for Each section of Scripture
  • 83 Messianic Jewish Illustrations
  • Messianic Prophecy Footnotes
  • Inspiring Book Introductions
  • Hebrew Word Glossary
  • Shabbat Family Prayers
  • Original Maps

We pray that this resource blesses you and your family!

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Joseph Greenberg