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This item will be released and shipped December 10, 2020.
Welcome to the TLV Grow-With-Me Bible! This is an abridged edition of the TLV Holy Scriptures carefully selected for all children to learn to read – with their parents and siblings together! This is a collection of TLV Bible verses, story by story, for one full year!
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The chapters start in Genesis and end in Revelation. Tree-quarters of the stories are from the ancient Jewish scrolls written long before Messiah arrived in Bethlehem. The other quarter of the stories are about the life and times of Jesus, the Messiah, and His followers.

Our coloring pages can be taped together to form your own Art Scroll! You can make your own, or work together as a family, or a Bible Study Group. These 52 weekly coloring pages – plus two Passover and Tabernacles lessons – make a great faith building homeschool craft. With every chapter, you can build your own faith traditions and recognize the ‘Holy Moments’ with God hidden inside your Bible.

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Joseph Greenberg