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Lay a solid foundation and build a strong family by using this Limited Edition TLV Family Bible as your cornerstone. By ordering this package, you are joining the Family Altar Initiative!

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Tree of Life Version: Family Bible (Family Altar Edition)

For your generous donation, you can receive the brand new TLV Family Bible! This family-alter sized Bible is 9inx12inx2in and comes in at 9lbs! It is a perfect gift for friends and family!

TLV Mezuzah

These clear Mezuzot come with custom beautiful designs made by Daniah Greenberg! With 5 different designs, you're sure to find something special!


TLV "Our Family Promise" Certificate

For your donation of $20, you can receive an "Our Family Promise" certificate and a free TLV Glossary Card!



We’re doing something really brave.

We’re going to change the culture of America.

I know you’ve heard that before. We’ve heard it before. All of America has heard that before. But please take a second and with an open mind – let me explain how we’re going to do this. Then I’m going to invite you to join this very important initiative.

First, I need you to answer a few questions.

• Do you want your life to bear fruit?
• Do you want to have God’s presence between you and your spouse?
• Do you want your children to follow Jesus?
• Do you want to raise a Godly family?
• Do you want your children to have good sibling relationships with one another?
• Do you want to have shalom in your home?
• Does your family know where to run in times of trouble?
• Do you want to bring our nation back to God?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you are qualified to join our initiative.

If you answered yes to ALL of the above, then you personally feel how great the need is for learning how to raise children and grandchildren who will make the choice to follow the God of Israel for themselves. Where your faith isn’t yours alone – it belongs to your family, too.

If you’ve qualified to join our initiative, then let me welcome you.

Introducing The Family Altar Initiative

The Tree of Life Bible Society is building 700 Family Altars in homes across the United States of America by Thanksgiving 2019.

That is 700 families making the decision to love God and love one another.

Since 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt was the first President to declare the week of Thanksgiving as National Bible Week. At the time, the National Bible Association read passages on the air as NBC between radio broadcasts. Since then, every President has declared the week of Thanksgiving National Bible Week.

By joining the Family Altar Initiative, you can be 1 of the 700 families that will be gathered together around God’s Word during their Thanksgiving meals.

If you want this lifestyle for your family, click here! 


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