2019-2020 TLV Calendar


Want to live on God’s timetable? Want to learn how to live according to the Bible? Join us on the Journey with the 2019-2020 TLV Calendar. For a small donation, you can download or get your own printed copy of the 2019 TLV Calendar today!

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This 2019-2020 TLV Calendar includes the following:

  1. Gregorian Monthly Calendar Pages
  2. Beautiful TLV Biblical Art Collection featured pages month-to-month
  3. Color-coded Weekly Shabbat & Monthly New Moon Observances
  4. Biblical Fall and Spring feasts
  5. Jewish TANAKH* and New Testament Bible weekly readings
  6. TLV Journey Bible App icons for corresponding multi-media content


Calendar Infographic

About the Author
Brittni Greenberg

Brittni Greenberg

Brittni Greenberg is a Jewish believer, a wife and mother, a lifestyle blogger, a marketing mastermind and a little bit of a tree-loving Hippie. Connect with her on Instagram at @BrittniGreenberg!