Safeguarding the

Tree of Life Version


The TLV Bible Society was originally just a Bible project - merely formed to create a brand-new translation of the Bible from a Hebraic perspective by scholarly Jewish and Gentile Believers in Yeshua, Jesus. This work was a tremendous effort by over 15 Messianic Jewish organizations and required an unprecedented level of unity among the Messianic community.

In so doing, the Biblical Text that we crafted needed a safe space to be housed – one where theological biases, doctrinal statements, and anachronistic linguistic nuances wouldn’t interfere. So, in order to safeguard the text, our project management team took up the banner and determined that we would exist as an organization - far beyond the project of originating the text. And from there, the TLV Bible Society was born.

TLV Bible Society Guidelines

Principle Adherence

With over 70 team members, adhering to our 16 principles of translation can be difficult to maintain as each translator has their own understandings. One of the chief responsibilities of our Text Management team is to assure that each word, each sentence, each punctuation mark, is in alignment with the guidelines issued by the Theology Team. Over the course of translating, reading, and distributing around the world, the Text Managers continue to address any textual issues that arise beyond the initial creation of the text.

TLV Bible Society Manuscripts

Proof-reading and Copy Editing

The Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, has over 30,000 verses and over 800,000 words. Our post-production team collects, documents, and collates any and all errors found by the thousands of TLV readers all over the world. With each subsequent printing of the TLV, the text becomes cleaner and cleaner as we sift out errors one by one.

TLV Bible Society with Publisher

Licensing and Publications

As the TLV gains popularity and authors seek to use it in their own publications, the TLV Bible Society has to make sure that the TLV is represented properly and isn’t used to push agendas that directly oppose the goals of the Tree of Life Version. Additionally, it’s our job to make sure that the TLV is used correctly, with excellence and proper nomenclature.

TLV Bible Society Research and Development

Research and Development

As new developments in language, archaeology, and Biblical studies arise, it’s our job to review those developments and determine if they are relevant to the TLV. Gathering research and information is part of our responsibility to the text, as well as our readers. This information is collected and presented to our Textual Revision committee during our 5-year revision conferences.

TLV Bible Society Scholars

Revising the Text

Every five years, the TLV Bible Society holds a conference for the majority of their team members in order to present research, concerns, and errors for review. Concerns that are not easily addressed by our post-production team or text managers have to be vetted by our theological committee. Additionally, any new developments in Biblical studies are taken into account during the process. Our next textual review is scheduled for Fall 2019. If you have any questions or concerns that you would like to be presented to the team, please email [email protected] with the following subject line: For Textual Review 2019.