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The King's University Endorsement of the Tree of Life Version

In an unprecedented show of solidarity and commitment to Jewish Believers in Messiah Jesus, the King’s University (TKU) Board unanimously agreed to be the founding Christian university sponsor of this new, innovative, fully-vetted, Messianic Jewish translation of the Holy Bible, the Tree of Life Version (TLV).

“This is providential. This translation is a ‘miracle-in-motion."Pastor Jack Hayford, The King’s University Chancellor

The TLV is a translation of both the Hebrew Tanakh (Old Testament) and Greek New Testament compiled by a community-wide group of more than 40 Jewish and Christian scholars. The TLV translation is part of the broader goals of the Messianic Jewish Family Bible Project (MJFB). Its founders, Messianic rabbi Mark and Daniah Greenberg, spearheaded this project in 2008, eventually gathering over 15 national Messianic Jewish Organizations and 24 Messianic Jewish Congregations together to financially launch the creation of The Tree of Life New Covenant, published in 2011 by Destiny Image Publishers.

According to Chancellor Hayford, Daniah Greenberg, President of TLV Bible Society, visited The King’s University in February of 2012 with an epistle conceived in “a righteous and creative hope” to see if their institution might be willing to partner to finish the entire TLV Bible translation.

Greenberg stated, “Chancellor Hayford took time to hear my heart to find a university home for our TLV translation. After all the fruit I have seen in his service toward the Jewish community, both in America and Israel, I knew we could trust The King's University to safeguard our text.

In response, Chancellor Hayford stated, “The depth of this project’s impact and the scope of its influence over the immediate years ahead will become immeasurable.

In November 2012, the Chairman of the Board of TKU, Robert Morris, and President Steve Riggle, ratified the commitment to move ahead with the decision to sponsor the TLV translation. This groundbreaking alliance was established with a very generous donation from Gateway Church in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, on behalf of TKU, on February 20 at a luncheon hosted by Chancellor Hayford.

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