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Welcome to the TLV E-mail Preference Center. Listed below is where you’ll find free e-series created to take you on a multi-sensory exploration through the Bible from a Hebraic perspective.

Although you can sign up for as many series as you’d like, we encourage you to begin with one at a time so you can fully immerse yourselves in absorbing everything that God has in mind for you. At the end of each series, we’ll recommend a next series for you to begin with the goal of helping you stay engaged with the Bible on a weekly basis.

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Names of God Series

Names of God

By Dr. Vered Hillel
These various names of God derive from specific historical situations revealing a certain aspect of God’s character. Through this 12-part series, you'll learn how to call upon God using names such as the Almighty, the Healer, the Provider, the Protector, and more. Free desktop wallpapers included in this series.

Biblical Book Introductions Series

Biblical Book Introductions

by TLV Scholars
Knowing information such as each book of the Bible’s author and audience is critical to understanding the Biblical narrative as a whole. With this timeless series, you’ll begin your own journey to experiencing the powerful transformation of God’s Word. Over 50 free Scripture flashcard downloads included in this series.

Family Bible Altar Series

Family Bible Altar

By Daniah Greenberg

This 7-part series takes you on a pilgrimage through time learning about altars and their significance in antiquity. Along the way, you’ll learn how to restore the “Family” altar to the hearth of your homes.

Living a Biblical Lifestyle Series

Living a Biblical Lifestyle

By Daniah Greenberg
Join the journey through a 5-part series experiencing what it means to live a Biblical lifestyle through a multi-sensory approach. Learn how to love God, love one another, and read the Bible.

Ancient Hebrew Prayers

Ancient Hebrew Prayers

By Dr. Vered Hillel

COMING SOON: Family is the core of Biblical living and the center of its daily life, ritual and preservation - which is why much of Jewish life takes place in the home as well as a community. Join this series for an introduction to the liturgical prayers said in Jewish dwellings on Shabbat.

How to Read the Torah Portions Series

How to Read the Torah Portions

By Rabbi Mark Greenberg

COMING SOON: Did you know there’s an ancient rhythm to reading Scripture? By joining this series, you’ll learn how to engage with the Bible the same way Ezra the Scribe did.

Living a Biblical Lifestyle Series

Purim: A Marriage Series

By Daniah Greenberg

As wives, what can we learn about marriage from the book of Esther? Is it more important to have influence than authority? Open up your TLV Bibles to chapter 1 and read along with Daniah Greenberg on this series through Esther.

Series begins February 20th 2021.

It was an excellent series! I learned a lot and am glad the series was available. I’m retired and now I have more time to spend studying the Word.

Thank you for offering this series.

eSeries: Biblical Book Introductions
Julie Reed

I love the emails!!! They are very insightful and educational. I have learned a lot from them and look forward to receiving more. I have been able to share lots of helpful knowledge with some other believers about who Adonai is and His relationship toward humanity.

eSeries: Names of God

John Mason

Let me say THANK YOU for sharing The series on The NAMES of GOD.

It couldn't have came at a more perfect time. It's more than just having a light bulb moment in your life. It's growing by knowing Him, the sheer reverence of The One True Living Creator of the Universe, along with knowing that we have a personal relationship with HIM!

eSeries: Names of God

Michael Laney

Thank u for this beautiful series! I have your beautiful family bible setting on my buffet where I am going to make our family altar.

eSeries: Family Bible Altar

Tami Winn

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