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Daniah Greenberg TLV Bible Society

Daniah Greenberg

Founder | President (CEO)

Daniah, a wayward catholic with Jewish ancestry, came to faith after a single visit to a Baptist Church while in college. She graduated with a degree in Communications and married a “nice Jewish boy” named Mark Greenberg in 1989.

After 14 years in congregational ministry, the need for a “Messianic Family Bible” for the next generation of Jewish believers was made incredibly apparent. She took up the charge and effectively gathered leaders from throughout the national Messianic Jewish and Christian community to birth a brand new translation of the Bible: the Tree of Life Version (TLV).

She now leads a diverse team of 70 professionals representing Messianic ministries nationwide and affiliates in Israel to maintain the text. She is also the spokesperson and chief fundraiser for the Tree of Life Bible Society, whose mission is to see God’s Kingdom grow through the unique Hebraic perspective God has given them. Daniah is a spark plug for community activism and energizes catalytic change wherever she goes.

Arnis Sprancmanis AVS Law

Arnis Sprancmanis

Corporate Secretary | General Council

Arnis V. Sprancmanis’ journey with the Lord began in November of 1995 after he experienced the presence of the Lord while attending a Latvian-Lutheran worship service. Shortly thereafter Mr. Sprancmanis began a career as an attorney in the private practice of law.

In his law practice, Mr. Sprancmanis works frequently in the areas of Elder Law/Estate Planning, Not-for Profit and Religious Corporations Law, Business Law, Real Estate and Intellectual Property Law. Mr. Sprancmanis is a graduate of the State University of New York Institute of Technology and completed post graduate studies at Syracuse University School of Management and Syracuse University College of Law. Mr. Sprancmanis has served as Adjunct Professor of Business Law at Keuka College and as Adjunct Professor at the State University of New York Institute of Technology where he taught Business Law, Financial Accounting and Taxation.

Dr. Jeffrey Seif from Zola Levitt Presents

Dr. Jeffrey Seif

Chief Theologian | Vice President

Jeffrey L. Seif was born into a German-Jewish family on November 9th 1955. He was raised in a typical American Jewish household, save the fact that he was sent off to go to school in a Yeshiva—an Orthodox Jewish training school. Though raised with a “traditional” Jewish upbringing, Jeff eventually came to a saving faith in Jesus, subsequent to which he experienced a “call” into vocational ministry. Jeff went to school to prepare for the ministerial vocation, taking studies at the Moody Bible Institute, Trinity College, and then the theological Seminary at Southern Methodist University, where he took both a master’s degree and doctorate.

Seif is one of the Messianic Jewish movement's best-known personalities. He is best known to the general public through his high visibility work with the nationally-syndicated TV concern called Zola Levitt Presents, where he sat at the teaching helm and shot programs in Israel which, in turn, were broadcast in the States through a variety of major networks. Dr. Seif has held the title “University Distinguished Professor of Bible and Jewish Studies” at Kings University-Houston, and also taught in the university's Dallas and LA campuses. In addition, Professor Seif served as a Bible professor at Christ for the Nations Institute, a position he held for 26 years. Professor Seif was the principal supervisor and project manager for the TANAKH of Tree of Life Version of the Bible, a joint-venture translation project, constituted by 70 Messianic Jewish scholars and friends. Dr. Seif is the author of many books and has done over 100 programs in/from the Middle East.

Rabbi Mark Greenberg TLV Bible Society

Rabbi Mark Greenberg


Messianic Rabbi Mark Greenberg is resolute in his conviction that the Good News of Messiah Yeshua holds the resurrection power to transforms lives today. That conviction in Yeshua’s resurrection power comes from his own faith journey.

Rabbi Mark invited Yeshua to be his Savior after reading Isaiah 53. Born the son of Conservative Jewish parents in Rochester, New York, secular education was their highest goal for him. Wrongly diagnosed as dyslexic and learning disabled as a child, Mark credits God with helping him earn a degree in Electrical Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology. He has worked in the nuclear industry for over 17 years of faithful service.

Growing up amidst severe financial distress and other challenges in his family, Mark credits God with teaching him how to build and cultivate a healthy loving family of his own. Together with his wife, Daniah, Mark is committed to passionate service to the Lord, beginning with his family. He delights to see his three beautiful children grow in their faith and reverence of Yeshua. His family loves to worship and serve God together.


Joseph Greenberg TLV Bible Society

Joseph Greenberg

Chief Technology Officer | App Project Manager

Joseph Greenberg is the son of Rabbi Mark and Daniah Greenberg. Growing up watching Bibleman, Joseph developed a strong passion for God’s Word. Little did he know, he would become a modern day Bibleman as the Outreach Director of the TLV Bible Society, creators of the Tree of Life Version (TLV).

Joseph started as a volunteer in high school during the early years of creating the TLV but soon became an active part of getting the Word out. Thereafter, Joseph decided to put college aside as the Bible Society continued to grow.

His life verse has always been Romans 3:1-2, "What is the advantage of being Jewish?...They were entrusted with the sayings of God." 

Mandie Cook TLV Bible Society

Mandie Cook

Chief Operations Officer | Post Production Text Manager

Mandie Cook is the Chief Operations Officer and Post-Production Text Manager for the Tree of Life Bible Society. After a childhood of congregational ministry by association with her parents, Mandie showed a pension for music and was added to her congregation's worship team at the tender age of 14. By the time she was 17, she was a senior worship leader. After graduating high school in 2007, Mandie took time off of schooling to discover her life's true calling. 

It was in 2010 that she was given the opportunity to serve with Jews for Jesus as a Mobile Musical Evangelist with their experimental band - Blue Mosaic. After a year of touring and evangelism, she came off the road and returned to congregational ministry alongside her family. During her time on tour, God had been at work with her mother, Daniah Greenberg, bringing about the Tree of Life Version of the Holy Scriptures. Heeding the call to her family’s unique calling, Mandie joined the staff of the Tree of Life Bible Society in late 2011 and has felt a distinct calling to theology ever since. She is now working on her degree in practical theology with a Messianic Jewish concentration at the King’s University. 

Brittni Greenberg TLV Bible Society

Brittni Greenberg

Email Marketing | Graphic Design

Originally brought to faith through internet advertising and Dr. Jeffrey Seif, Brittni is passionate about reaching the lost around the world through digital media. In 2014, Brittni became part of the Greenberg family and shortly thereafter joined the TLV team in officially releasing the entire TLV Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Since then, It has been her joy to be able to build the kingdom of God with her husband, Joseph.

Alex Cook TLV Bible Society

Alex Cook

Fulfillment | IT | App Content Manager

Alex Cook was born into a Godly, believing home in the Atlanta area. Having grown up in church, he began a relationship with the Lord early in life, but had a season of doubt and apathy that ended upon meeting his future wife, Mandie Greenberg, in 2012. Through the witness of her family’s love for the Lord, Alex found his own relationship with God deepened, restored and renewed simultaneously. His love for Mandie grew with his love for God—culminating in their marriage in 2015. Since then, he has discovered the joys of fatherhood with the birth of their first child in 2020.

In 2014, Alex launched himself wholeheartedly into the Greenberg family’s mission and began working for the Tree of Life Bible Society. Currently, Alex serves as a part of the Information Technology department, assisting the CTO with systems and data management, App Development and Order Fulfillment.

Brittni Greenberg TLV Bible Society

Simeon Greenberg

Being the youngest Greenberg, Simeon grew up in ministry from the very beginning. Always looking for something to do, Simeon spent 5 years doing everything from interning and assisting at the bible society, leading worship in synagogues, extracurricular activities and local community theatre. Although it wasn't until he finished high school that he finally found his niche in videography, diving head-first into creating a bulk of the Tree of Life Bible Society's video content. Simeon now works full time as the Bible Society's Videographer as well as being a part time student as a communications major.
Kerah Oliveira from Zemar Levav

Hanah Greenberg


From the minute she could hold a crayon, Hanah has been creating anything and everything she possibly could. Growing up, she would doodle and personalize everything she owned and even things that she didn’t, like her parent’s walls, for instance. With age, Hanah found new ways to express  her creativity through theatre, singing, and dancing. While her roots kept her grounded in visual arts, she followed her love of musical theatre to Reinhardt University until God reminded her of her first love of art and gave her a chance to use His gift to her of visual creativity in ministry here at the TLV Bible Society.  

ADONAI, our God, placed His spark of creation in her heart and inspired her to reinterpret one of the drawings in the TLV Family Bible. Hanah gave her work to Daniah Greenberg, the President (CEO) of the Bible Society and new Mother-in-love. From there, Hanah embarked on an artistic and spiritual journey with Daniah and the whole of the TLV team. Hanah is delighted to be apart of the Greenberg family and to help bring to fruition this ministry’s mission of creating and giving children a Bible filled with living color that will be made for them and their families. 

Layne Stone

Layne Stone

Layne was raised in Protestant churches and stumbled upon the Messianic movement while doing research to teach a Sunday School class. After just one visit to a Messianic service, her eyes were opened to a new way to connect with God, and she became a part of the Messianic community. However, through her relationship with the Greenbergs, she has realized that there is even a better way to connect with Him. She now reads her Tree of Life Family Bible daily and listens for instruction from the Ruach. She uses the TLV Bible App as a daily tool for learning to live a Biblical Lifestyle. A staunch supporter of the Greenberg family and the Tree of Life Bible Society, she volunteers her time and energy with them in whatever capacity is needed to send out His will and His word into the world.

Advisory Council

"Plans fail when there is no counsel, but with many advisers they succeed." - Proverbs 15:22 TLV
Pastor Jack Hayford

Pastor Jack Hayford

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Pastor Robert Morris

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Rabbi Jonathan Bernis

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Dr. Daniel Juster

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