Family Altar Initiative

Lay the Cornerstone.
Build an Altar.
Become an Influencer.

We're Building Family Altars Across America

A Family Altar is a holy, set-apart space in your home where your family gathers to pray, worship and read the Bible together. We believe that the Family Bible is the cornerstone to building a strong family that follows the God of Israel.

We believe that the Bible can bring our Nation back to God - and it can bring your Nation back to God, too.

That is families making the decision to love God and love one another.

With this simple 3-step process, you can build an altar in your home, join our Family Altar Initiative and put the Tree of Life in your home while gathering your family around the Bible to live God's rhythmic patterns together.

Learn more about altars in the Bible with Rabbi Mark and Joseph Greenberg

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Step 1:

Lay the Cornerstone of your Family

Lay a solid foundation and build a strong family using the TLV Family Bible as your cornerstone.

This Limited Edition includes:

The Tree of Life Version, Giant Family Bible Edition, 9lbs., 9inx12inx12in. 
• Family Promise Certificate: The Family Promise Certificate is made up of 16 simple, relational, and Biblical principles that your family members can agree on, live by, and build life in peace with one another.
• TLV Mezuzah: Inspired by Deuteronomy 6:9, bind the Word of God to your doorposts with a beautiful artwork scroll of the Sh'ma and the V'ahavtah (Deu:6-4-9).

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Step 2:

Build your Family Altar

Once you've received your TLV Family Bible package, build your Family Altar by giving it a special place in your dwellings. Living the Bible is a faith of the home where rest, prayer and worship happen between you and God and you and your family. Set aside a physical space in your home - whether it be a coffee table, your dinner table or kitchen island, a few shelves in your entertainment center or your fireplace mantel - place your new Family Bible as the focal point of your home. Wherever you choose, make sure it's easily accessible so that your children know where to run to find God.

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Step 3:

Become an Influencer

As a Parent and a Grandparent, you are THE greatest influencer in the lives of your family around you. After you've built your altar and started reading the Bible together on a rhythmic cycle, you're no longer just an influencer - you're a family of influencers. Now go change the world together!
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Living Our Family Promise Together

with Daniah Greenberg