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Welcome back! Thank you for studying the Bible with Rabbi Mark and Joseph every week as we continue to follow Israel’s journey through the Holy Scriptures together.

Tune in to learn more!

If you don’t have a Tree of Life Version (TLV), you can find one here. You can also read – and listen – to the weekly reading here!

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This Week’s Featured Product:

Simply Sacred Tree of Life Bible Daniah Greenberg

Spiritual momentum is sparked at the intersection of God’s presence and your own purpose. In Simply Sacred: 7 Truths to Jumpstart Your Faith Journey, Daniah Greenberg, founder of the bestselling TLV Bible and President of the Tree of Life Bible Society, invites you on a journey to start a faith revolution.

Through the process of reverse engineering the Bible and showing it’s Jewish roots, Greenberg discovered hidden elements and knowledge, including a handful of “Simply Sacred” principles that will change the lives of readers.

In Simply Sacred, Daniah explores 7 truths to help readers jumpstart their faith:

  • Breath of Life
  • Living Seed
  • Blood Speaks
  • Knowing God
  • Forgiveness
  • Pathways Home
  • Binary Love

Simply Sacred can be read individually or in conjunction with the TLV Bible and the TLV Journey App, which has had more than 1,000 downloads within the first month of its release. 

“Reading the book, the TLV Bible, and exploring the TLV Journey App will help women follow God, love one another, and live the Bible,” says Daniah. “Once women discover the 7 truths, their lives will turn ‘right side up’, find their purpose and how to fulfill it.”

Join Daniah as she shares personal stories about the impact God has had in her life and the ways in which the 7 truths have played a positive role throughout her spiritual journey. Simply Sacred shows readers the ways in which God can rewrite their personal story and how they can jump start their faith.

Available for pre-order!

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