TLV Talk #6:
Toldot – “Generations”

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Enjoy some time with Joseph & Mandie Greenberg, as they go through the Torah Reading: Toldot or “Generations” for the Week! Make sure to take some notes!

Did you know?

The Tree of Life Version (TLV) of the Holy Scriptures includes the weekly Torah Readings right on the page! Now, you can follow the journey through the Torah, the first five books of the Bible, with Jews worldwide every week by using the TLV. Check out this week’s reading here!

“But where can I find a TLV?”

Have you ever visited our online store? We carry the most popular editions of the TLV like the TLV Family Bible, the Messianic Jewish Family Bible (TLV) and the TLV Giant Print Reference Edition!

“How do I know which Torah Portion to read every week?”

Find out what Torah Reading it is by following a Jewish calendar. Or, you can sign up for our weekly Resource eNewsletter and follow the portions along with the TLV Bible Society every week. (Sign up on our homepage here!) 

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Mandie Cook

Mandie Cook

Mandie Greenberg Cook is the Donor Relations & Post-Production Text Manager for the TLV Bible Society. She is now working on her degree in practical theology with a Messianic Jewish Concentration at the King's University.

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