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TLV on ProPresenter

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The award-winning lyric and media presentation software ProPresenter has added the Tree of Life Version (TLV) of the Holy Scriptures to their Scripture engines. Praise Yeshua! Congregations and ministries can now access the TLV for their multi-media presentations.

The TLV Bible Society’s distribution of the TLV text into more and more platforms for engagement by individuals, congregations and organizations is growing in both the Messianic and Christian communities.

TLV Bible Society CEO, Daniah Greenberg, “The TLV text continues to gain momentum into the general believers’ market. We couldn’t be more pleased and grateful.”

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Mandie Cook

Mandie Cook

Mandie Greenberg Cook is the Donor Relations & Post-Production Text Manager for the TLV Bible Society. She is now working on her degree in practical theology with a Messianic Jewish Concentration at the King's University.

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