Mandie Greenberg Cook and Kerah Oliveira from the Tree of Life Bible Society leading worship at Meuchad Conference 2018

TLV Bible Society Partners with Meuchad: Messianic Worshippers United

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TLV Bible Society partners with Meuchad

The Tree of Life Bible Society is pleased to announce their partnership with Meuchad: Messianic Worshippers United! We are working together to encourage and support worship leaders, musicians, artists, and music-lovers in their pursuit of worshipping the King in Spirit and Truth. We at the TLV Bible Society are delighted to be in partnership with Meuchad for the sake of promoting new, Bible-based, Messianic music. The heart of our ministry here at the Tree of Life Bible Society is to see families, large and small, re-gather around the Word of God as the cornerstone of their homes. And one of the best ways to do that is through music, which coincides with the mission of Meuchad.


The mission of Meuchad – Messianic Worshippers United is to serve the Messianic Jewish community cross-generationally and cross-organizationally by facilitating unity among and providing training for the Messianic worship community. They do this primarily through their website, which features teachings and blogs, a song sheet catalogue, highlighted Messianic artists, and forums. As well, they strive to unite the community through the annual Meuchad worship conference. This conference provides sound teaching from veterans in the ministry while facilitating connections between worship leaders and artists.


From our inception, the Tree of Life Bible Society has always sought to provide resources and platforms for the community that gave birth to the TLV translation. By offering unique TLV bible engagement tools, we create a shared language that reflects God’s Kingdom culture in our daily lives, and proclaims Yeshua (Jesus) to the world. We work to make the original language and culture of the Bible, and its salvation message, accessible through translation, art, and teaching. Our goal is to produce unique Bible engagement tools and resources for all ages, across multiple modalities, methods, and platforms, with the goals of education, discipleship, and evangelism. In that spirit, the Tree of Life Bible Society has spent the last year developing a mobile, biblical lifestyle app: the TLV Journey App!


This app will contain not only the TLV Bible, but also devotionals, pictures, language resources, artwork, and more! It will be the go-to stop for everything TLV. One particularly special part of the TLV will be the “Song Selection with Meuchad” section. This section will give members of Meuchad a platform to share their worship music, for free, while introducing app users to these amazingly anointed artists. Additionally, it will give birth to new melodies and rhythms that will allow listeners to hide God’s word in their hearts. So, look forward to the TLV Journey App’s release in Early 2019 and in the meantime, explore Meuchad’s songbook of Messianic music at !


Watch our recent announcement here:


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Mandie Cook

Mandie Cook

Mandie Greenberg Cook is the Donor Relations & Post-Production Text Manager for the TLV Bible Society. She is now working on her degree in practical theology with a Messianic Jewish Concentration at the King's University.

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    Hello Mandie,
    My name is Glenn Green and I am a Worship Pastor/Singer/Songwriter in Texas. I received this website info through a friend who is starting a gap year school called Migdal Oz there in Israel, and he thought this might be of interest for my ministries. For the past 10 years my wife and I have been building relationships in Israel through organizations like King of Kings, Barry & Batya Segal, Return Ministries, Migdal Oz, and others. Recently, I launched a website geared toward a songwriter’s experience in Israel. We are planning our first trip for early June 2019. I’m intrigued by the TLV announcement video I just listened to and wondered if we might have some shared ministry interests.

    Whereas I recognize you are focusing the app on songwriters in Israel, I can’t help but wonder if there is still the possibility of partnership between us as our US songwriters come to experience writing in Israel. I represent an organization in the US called Write About Jesus. It was founded 20 years ago by Sue & John Smith out of St. Louis, MO. We hold an annual conference with a database of several hundred songwriters across the US led by clinicians who are some of the top names in the Nashville music industry. Our heart is to connect songwriters globally. We currently have relationships in Uganda as well where we have been leading worship training/songwriting seminars and conferences the past 5 years with vision for expanding to other countries.

    Personally, I’m very excited about the TLV release and pray it connects with the songwriting community there. I would be happy to discuss our ministry and mission with you further, if you are interested. In the meantime, if you would like to check out our web pages, the URL’s are listed below.
    Be Blessed!
    Glenn Green
    [email protected]

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