Introducing the New TLV Email Series Center

March 11, 2020
Joseph Greenberg

Created to take you on a multi-sensory exploration through the Bible from a Hebraic perspective, the new TLV Email Preference Center includes free e-series that help you engage with the Bible and grow your relationship with Yeshua, Jesus, on a daily basis.

Explore some of what we have to offer below!

Purim Series

Purim: A Marriage Series

by Daniah Greenberg

As wives, what can we learn about marriage from the book of Esther? Is it more important to have influence than authority? Open up your TLV Bibles to chapter 1 and read along with Daniah Greenberg on this series through Esther. Video Series Premiere on the TLV Bible App March 1st 2020.

Hebrew Names of God

by Dr. Vered Hillel

These various names of God derive from specific historical situations revealing a certain aspect of God’s character. Through this 12-part series, you’ll learn how to call upon God using names such as the Almighty, the Healer, the Provider, the Protector, and more.

Living a Biblically-Inspired Lifestyle

by Daniah Greenberg

Join the journey through a 10-part series experiencing what it means to live a Biblical lifestyle through a multi-sensory approach. Learn how to love God, love one another, and read the Bible.

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