Soul Stirring Women's Conference

Soul Stirring

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Soul Stirring Women's ConferenceNeshama: Soul

We had the pleasure of attending a brand new women’s retreat last weekend and boy, did we have a blast! “Neshama Women” is a web-based women’s ministry lead by Rebbitzen Jennifer Caracelo of Congregation Keren Ohr, Savannah, GA. At Neshama they seek to empower women to strive for a deeper knowledge and understanding of the Scriptures and G-d. Neshama provides one avenue of community, connecting women around the globe.

The theme of their first ever women’s retreat was “Soul Stirring.” As the weekend unfolded, we learned just what being “soul stirred” meant.


There were five impactful keynote speakers women with inspirational passion for G-d and messages that truly mattered: Rebbitzen Jennifer Caracelo, Rebbitzen Marlene Rosenberg, Rebbitzen Heather Rosenberg, Rebbitzen Gloria Brawer, and Stephanie Escalante.

Rebbitzen Jennifer opened the retreat by sharing a powerful testimony of her own personal struggles with ministry burnout. Her candor and transparency were such a refreshment, and I walked away feeling challenged to enter the retreat with a tenderness and openness to what my Heavenly Father might have for me over the weekend.

As the speakers presented throughout the weekend, the idea of gaining vision and dreaming big about one’s life was encouraged, each from a different perspective that would allow anyone in attendance get something out of it. Each powerful session was followed by a round table discussion with a set of questions to get everyone to share, and build relationship. This concept is the same that we at the Tree of Life Bible Society implement within our own fellowship on a weekly basis. So, we loved it and immediately felt right at home within the format.

The praise and worship was lead by Brooke Manolis and Hannah Zaretsky. Their voices lead us through the full gamut from bursting with joy and thanksgiving to the sweet deep places of worship.

The women we met and reconnected with there put huge smiles on our faces, and at times tears of compassion in our eyes. Our conversations were ripe with encouragement and revelation.

Saturday night was a wonderful surprise to take a break from the more serious side of things, we all got to “let down our hair” with a snazzy pajama party, and thoroughly enjoyed a brilliant stand up comedy routine by Jamie Robins (founder of the satire website “The Messianic Meow”). Jami had us in stitches with her quick and relentless humor. Masterfully done!

Sharing is Caring

All in all, it was a delight to be in attendance! It was also a delight to be able to give away Bibles to these beautiful mothers, grandmothers, sisters and daughters so that they could share God’s word with their loved ones.

We were also happy to share about our new Mothers of Israel Bible and our Children’s Bible Initiative. The enthusiasm and encouragement reflected back to us as we shared these new TLV works was overwhelming, they were excited at the idea of their children having a Bible they could grow with and we loved hearing the passion for their children and grandchildren ignite in their voices as we fellowshipped.

This entire project started with a mother’s heart filling with urgency for her children to be able to recognize their Jewish Messiah when they read His name in the Bible.

It’s events like these that remind us how important it is to sow into the women of faith who have such a huge part to play in passing the torch of faith to the next generation. We look forward to seeing these events grow and flourish as we sow into our beloved Mother’s of Israel.

So, as we support women in their pursuit to teach their families God’s Word, please consider supporting our Children’s Bible Initiative! Click here to donate.

And remember that the mothers of our faith need a little time away with friends to focus on building their faith too! Consider sending your wives, mothers and Rebbetzens on a retreat next year!

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Kerah Oliveira

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