Golden Apples Harvest Time!

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Golden ApplesWe have super exciting news at our 10 year anniversary! As we begin the process of developing our hearts desire, the Tree of Life Children’s Bible, we are going to reboot, revise, and relaunch the beloved children’s curriculum – Golden Apples!

Golden Apples Children’s Curriculum is the program that initially began the Messianic Jewish Children’s Bible Project a decade ago.

Years ago, when I was teaching my own young children about the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, I wanted to provide them with some kind of activity during worship services that would encourage them in their faith walk. Much like a place-mat from a diner, Golden Apples was originally designed to get children to think about God while they colored or figured out simple, topical word puzzles.

I was so excited to give the kids something to start with that the word puzzles turned into crosswords, which turned into physical puzzle pieces, which turned into full on Bible lessons that connected the pieces of Yeshua’s teachings with their origins in the Torah. Before I knew it, this little little piece of paper that I made so that my kids could be creative while they sat next to me turned into a full-blown Shabbat School, also known as Sunday School or Kids’ Church, curriculum!

My goal was never to create something that would separate children from their parents during worship services. I just wanted to give them something that they could hold onto as their own – allowing them to take ownership of their relationship with God, instead of just being tacked on to their parents. I wanted children to have a journey all their own. But the need in our community was so great, and the resources so sparse, that I wrote three full years of Golden Apples.

And with each lesson, the need for a Messianic Jewish translation of the Bible that people of all ages could read became apparent. The more I wrote, the more I felt the vision of the TLV being birthed in my heart. Now, ten years later, the TLV is a reality. We have a beautiful translation that any part of a family can enjoy!

Unsurprisingly, we decided to create another curriculum. But this time, my daughter took point on the project. And she did amazingly well! I’m so pleased with TLV Treasures Volume 1.  TLV Treasures is a wonderful tool for family devotions, but people kept asking repeatedly: “What about Golden Apples? What happened to Golden Apples?”

For the past few years, I’ve tried to let Golden Apples rest in peace. I thought that it was merely a part of my past and that the season it represented had passed. But such is not the case! After much pestering, I began looking back at those lessons. I realized that they did such a simple and delightful job of showing exactly where Yeshua’s teachings come from: the Torah!

This week’s Torah portion contains the commandment to teach our children about God’s ways – His character and his commandments. And by connecting this watchword of the Jewish people to Yeshua‘s teachings for our children, we fulfill the very commandment Yeshua calls the most important.

So, as I begin my journey as a grandmother for the very first time in a few short weeks, I feel compelled to continue on with what God started in me. Hence – we’re bringing Golden Apples back!

We will be beginning the process by retrofitting the scriptures to be TLV and updating some of the artwork. So if you’re interested in Golden Apples returning, please let me know! Feel free to contact us through our contact page here and let us know what you think!

Thank you all for continuing this journey with our little wandering tribe of Levites and may you be blessed from on high – to the third and fourth generation.

Much love,

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Daniah Greenberg

Daniah is the CEO & Founder of the TLV Bible Society. She is also the spokesperson and chief fundraiser along with her husband Rabbi Mark Greenberg.

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