“Living a Biblical Lifestyle” eSeries goes LIVE in the TLV Preference Center

September 22, 2020
Brittni Greenberg

When God created the earth and set the heavens in place, He put order to chaos and gave us appointed seasons to rejuvenate and refresh us. We are eternal beings, yet we live inside time and that is the challenge. We need daily routines, weekly respite, monthly cycles, and yearly reflection. This is what balances our current reality with what the Bible assures us – that God has set eternal things in the hearts of men.

Did you know God created a plan for daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annually and yearly living hidden like treasure in the Bible?

This eseries is a short introduction to living these ancient rhythms.

What to Expect from this Series

In the beginning, you’ll receive the first “Living a Biblically-Inspired Lifestyle” email and learn about one of the simplest rhythms that will help you connect with God daily.

This series in particular will be sent out every Wednesday at 10am EST for the next five weeks. Because they build on top of one another, please mark this time on your calendar to check your email so you don’t miss anything.


To prevent these emails from ending up in your spam folder, we strongly encourage you to whitelist the TLV Email Address. Here’s a step-by-step article on how to do that.

We encourage you to read each devotional fully, print it out and share it with your family and friends around the dinner table and at your local Bible study.

Sign up for the “Living a Biblically-Inspired Lifestyle” here! 

May you be blessed by the reading of the Word.


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