2018 TLV Israel Tour

2018 Israel Tour:
A Personal Invitation

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Friends, God is moving among His people! There’s no doubt about it. In this season of looking forward to Shavuot – the celebration of God giving the Torah and His Spirit – I can’t help but look forward to our upcoming trip to Israel.

Honestly, I never thought that I’d be leading a tour like this, but now that it’s coming to fruition, I’m eagerly anticipating what God will do during our time in the Land! I just know that each day will be filled with His Presence and I couldn’t be more thrilled to invite our friends and supporters along for the ride. 

Rabbi Mark and I are going to Israel in October and we’d love to have you join us. God pulled everything together for us really quickly, so we’re on a tight schedule to set things up. So please consider this my personal invitation to join our tour! I would love to hear from you by the 10th of May.

You can see all the details of the trip on our web site by clicking here. can hold your place on the tour for $500, $250 of which is refundable. Space is very limited as we are currently deciding whether to limit the trip to either 100 travelers or 50 travelers.

Either way, we will be spending time all over the wonderful land of Israel! We’ll visit places such as the ancient site of Shiloh where the Tabernacle and the Art of the Covenant were located for hundreds of years, the Palace of David, and many of the historic sites of Jerusalem. We will also be going to the Dead Sea and Qumran – the site where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. We’ll discuss Biblical history, prophetic intersections in space and time, and the intricacies of making God’s Word known to the whole earth!  What an amazing time it will be!

We will also be meeting with key leaders in Israel who helped created the Tree of Life Version You’ll hear their stories, revelations, and visions to see God’s Kingdom overtake the whole earth. There are many more aspects of this trip we are working own, including some special times of worship. On top of ALL THAT, and I am  most excited about this, we will be launching our new Bible engagement app from Jerusalem!

Rabbi Mark and I would love to spend time with you! Let’s go up to Jerusalem together! Please pray about joining us this October. I am happy to talk with you about the trip or you can speak with Joel Thornton, our new COO and tour coordinator, about the trip. Email him at [email protected] if you have any questions!

Many Blessings,

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Daniah Greenberg

Daniah is the CEO & Founder of the TLV Bible Society. She is also the spokesperson and chief fundraiser along with her husband Rabbi Mark Greenberg.

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