Journal in Bible

6 Ways to Use your Bible as a Journal

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Journal in Bible

Here at the Bible Society, we often refer to the Bible as Israel’s family diary. It holds within its pages births and deaths, victories and losses, marriages and reunions. You can track the journey of Abraham and his children over the course of several centuries. How many of us can say the same? 

Well, today you get the chance to add to the stories of Israel by using your Bible as a journal. Document your own life as God speaks to you and reveals more of Himself to you. When we accept Yeshua as our Messiah, we are grafted into His family. The story of Israel is the history of the entire Body of Believers. Your personal walk with God is a vital part of our communal walk with Him. So, how do you use the Bible as a journal?

1. Join the journey of the Jewish people all over the world and read your weekly parsha. Download the TLV Bible App to read the weekly Torah, Haftorah, and the New Covenant portions. You can also listen to the Torah portion on audio! As we all read the same part of scripture, we can live it together as well. 

2. Write the date of special revelations into the margin of your Bible. When God speaks to you through his word, make sure you take note of it. In ancient days, the forefathers of Israel would erect memorials to remember where and when God had spoken to them. Do the same in the pages of your Bible!

3. Choose a few different colors of pencil or highlighter and use them to categorize your favorite and most meaningful verses. I use blue for verses about hope, green for life, pink for love, and yellow for faith. You can use whatever you like! But take the time to underline the verses that matter to you!

4. Use the blank pages in your Bible to write down major events in your life. Like a promotion, or a new home! God’s blessings in your life are important to remember, especially during the times that it feels like the opposite.

5. Record your family’s important days so that generations after you will remember that the Bible is the foundation of the life you led.

Your Bible will soon become an heirloom for your children and your children’s children! •

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